Welcome to Florida Curling

Curling in Florida has been held at multiple sites over the years and now we have curling programs and events in Tampa, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville and now West Palm Beach at the Palm Beach Ice Works.

Curling in Florida has been held at multiple sites over the years including the Panther Ice Den in Coral Springs Florida and at the RDV Multisport Ice facility in Orlando. These facilities host both regular scheduled and special events such as rentals for the public to enjoy curling. Currently there are only 2 USCA / GNCC Curling Clubs in Florida and they are the Tampa Curling Club and the Orlando Curling Club. The Florida Curling Club is currently in the application process to join these regional and national associations.

In February of 2016 the 2016 USCA Nationals were conducted in Jacksonville at the Jacksonville Memorial Arena and the response to this event by Florida Curling fans was delightful to see. Curling fans in the arena told stories of how they have been watching the game for years during the Olympics and how they had parties with other fans and for them to see high quality competitive curling live and right in their own city was like they had a dream come true.

A large number of attendees also expressed an interest in attending another Learn to Curl event and hopefully to create a curling club in Jacksonville. This desire is becoming closer to reality and plans are underway now to establish a curling club in Jacksonville.

In February and March 2018 the Florida Curling Club will be holding a series of Introduction to Curling events at the Palm Beach Ice Works in West Palm Beach. These Learn to Curl activities are the forerunner to creating enough interest, support and players to establish a regular schedule for Curling every weekend this summer.

Other Curling Options in Florida:

Tampa Curling Club – tampabaycurlingclub.com

Orlando Curling Club – curlingorlando.com

Email us at floridacurlingclub@yahoo.com if you have any questions!